Electro-pop stalwart Lunar June creates us a euphoric mix of her favourite high octane hits, featuring Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX and Silk and more.

What DJs, artists, club nights, or genres are inspiring you right now?

I am absolutely obsessed with the production/writing/DJ trifecta that is Charli XCX, A.G Cook, and George Daniel – they’re just absolutely iconic from start to finish. I find what they’re doing incredibly inspiring because, to me, what they create is the perfect marriage between pop, dance, and electronic. It feels sweaty and heavy to equal parts euphoric and so, so catchy. I just love Charli.

Can you talk us through some of your inspirations for this mix?

Charli XCX is having an increasing impact on my taste and creativity with every new song she puts out, and she was a big inspiration for this mix. I watched a lot of videos from her Boiler Room set in New York and my jaw was literally on the floor. I think she’s driving something super exciting in pop music at the moment that feels raw and real, which is kinda hard to come by in the mainstream industry these days, and I just really admire her artistry. I heard the fourth track in the mix, ‘party 4 u’, in a film called Bottoms, and it’s been on repeat ever since – I think the mix is moulded around that track.

Where do you imagine people listening to it?

The mix starts pretty high energy and I imagine people listening to it in a hot and sweaty warehouse in the depths of Brooklyn. The energy of the mix then starts to lower and mellow towards the end, and to me this paints the image of moving towards the end of the night – it’s 4am and everyone’s tired but their spirits are so high and there’s a real sense of this shared experience and feeling with thousands of strangers, which is one of the most beautiful things about music. When I hear the last track in the mix – ‘Beyond Beliefs’ by Ben Böhmer – I can so clearly envision a sea of swaying bodies and soft blue lights; everybody soaking up the final moments of the experience before they make their way home through the sleepless city.

What’s one song you’ll always come back to in your mixes?

I think it would be ‘Hey Now’ by London Grammar; that song and album were incredibly formative to my tastes and who I am as a songwriter and producer. I chose ARTY’s remix because, to me, it perfectly captures that indescribable feeling of intense nostalgia, joy, and euphoria that we feel when we’re dancing amongst a crowd of people. Hannah’s vocals are so emotive, and paired with the high energy production, it just creates this world that is so visceral.

What should we look out for from you next?

I’m working on new music which I’m really excited for. With every track I feel more and more myself, but I think there’s still a lot of territory I haven’t been able to reach yet. I can hear all of these faint sounds in my mind of what I want to create, but haven’t quite been able to figure it out and tap into yet. But it’s coming, I can feel it! I’m also playing my debut headline London show on 11th April at Servant Jazz Quarters which I’m super excited for – I’ve barely played the first EP live, let alone the new one, and it’ll be a great feeling to finally perform all of these songs!

Listen to Lunar June's mix now: