London born hardcore and jungle DJ Mixtress serves up nostalgic 90s vibes blended with pure sonic innovation for this week's Mix.

How did you choose the tracks to put this mix together?

I went in a bit of a different direction from what I normally would for this mix. I picked a lot of music that I’d be inspired by as a punter going to festivals because a lot of the time the music I listen to when I go out is very different to what I play. I’ve picked out some meditative, base-weight techno, breaks and electro, but I’ve also weaved it in with some proper old-school, 1993-era hardcore.

Was there any external influence or inspirations?

I’d say aside from festivals, people like DJ Python, Darwin and others inspired the mix from an artistic perspective. Looking through my friends’ record collections and digging through hardcore selections at record shops as well, they’ve been external influences to this mix.


I also drew inspiration from one of the first collectives who asked me to do a mix for them, around four or five years ago. It was for Hue & Saturation who are based in Berlin. I did the mix and I think it was the first one that got noticed by some bigger artists. The mix combined drill and grime instrumentals with hardcore elements and unhinged blends of different genres. So, I drew from that as I don’t often get to anymore, playing in clubs at 4AM.

Where do you imagine people listening to the mix?

I’d say at a pre-drinks. A lot of people have told me they love listening to my mixes in the gym. I’ve been told things like, ‘I’ve run an extra 5k from what I planned listening to your mix’, which is pretty mad! Yeah, either with exercise or at home. This mix isn’t necessarily heavy and speedy; I went in a bit of a different direction.