mnml Active hits a home run, taking the activewear game to greater heights.

Setting the stage in an expansive desert, with outstretched land and never-ending skies, the unveiling of mnml Active is a defining moment in contemporary fashion. The collection draws inspiration from the enigmatic allure of DUNE, offering a captivating journey through a juxtaposition of serene beauty and formidable terrain. Each meticulously crafted piece, from the technically advanced headwear to the versatile jogger pants, captures a visionary perspective of the future, seamlessly fusing fashion with unparalleled functionality.


Exploration harmoniously collides with the precision of design as the brand effectively sets a new standard for activewear. Mirroring the sweeping landscapes that motivated its creation and inspired by the limitlessness of tomorrow, mnml Active introduces meticulously engineered items for performance. The carefully curated collection boasts coordinating pieces across three complementary colorways, designed to provide ultimate versatility for those unafraid to embrace challenges.

Constructed with ripstop and polyamide crinkle nylon, the garments offer dynamic protection against the elements and a sterling marriage of style and comfort. For the brave souls yearning for both functionality and cutting-edge design, functional cargo pockets and breathable mesh panels effortlessly integrate into the collection. Addressing the evolving needs of those demanding flexibility in both wardrobe and workout, the Convertible Jogger features a unique zipper design, transforming from pants to shorts in seconds to ensure readiness for any challenge that lies ahead.