French pop artist LA Laura Paris has introduced a deeply personal new single, 'Mon Papa'.

The new single stands out as a touching homage to her late father, blending her signature pop sound with emotional lyrics in French conveying the profound loss and longing.


‘Mon Papa’ explores the emotional landscape of memories and the void left by her father’s absence. With lyrics like: “Tant de choses à te dire / Mais plus de moment / Et pourtant là-bas si tu m’entends / Mon Papa” (“So many things to tell you / But no more time / And yet over there if you hear me / My Papa”), LA Laura Paris captures the feeling of longing and the heartache of missed opportunities to express her love and gratitude.


LA Laura Paris’ diverse background in music and the arts is evident in this release. Born to French and Belgian parents, she began her classical training at the Royal Academy of Music in Brussels at the age of five, learning violin and piano. Her journey through various dance forms, including classical, jazz, hip-hop, and Bollywood, adds a unique flair to her performances. Additionally, her studies in the visual arts and acting have contributed to her multifaceted approach to music and choreography.


Known for her empowering messages and community engagement, including support for the LGBTQ community, LA Laura Paris continues to break new ground with her music… this time, we must highlight her exceptional ability to transform grief into a great song, NOTION approved.


Following her energetic single ‘Game Over‘, which explored modern relationships through a retro arcade lens and included a vibrant music video, ‘Mon Papa’ is that different side of LA Laura Paris that we get to know. Unmatched versatility and depth – she is def capable of delivering both lively tracks and introspective ballads.


LA Laura Paris’s unique blend of Parisian elegance and Hollywood glamour, combined with her commitment to artistic innovation, positions her as a rising star in the pop scene. Stream her latest single, ‘Mon Papa’, below – a heartfelt tribute that speaks to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Listen to ‘Mon Papa’ now: