Pop rock group, Iglu & Hartly, encourage us to dissipate our self-doubt in in their latest release, ‘Money’.

Iglu & Hartly aren’t just a band; they’re a musical embodiment of freedom. Igniting their fans to tap into their inner most wilderness and childlike liberty, their performances are usually jam-packed, filled with energetic fervour which is sure to get your sweat on. Drawing from their punk rock roots, their latest offering, ‘Money’ is a pop-infused rock anthem, underlining a message far deeper than a superficial celebration of consumerism.


After riding the wave of euphoria from their UK summer tour, Iglu & Hartly have now set their sights on getting our blood pumping with their single ‘Money’. Hailed a soundtrack for those ‘looking at yourself in the mirror pep-talks before that being meeting’ moments by the Los Angeles cadre, this infectious and lively track at its crux questions our human desire for money.


Unveiling a sumptuous yet tight pop-rock production, ‘Money’ boasts intricately crafted melodic hooks that burst forth amidst lively drumbeats. Using a plethora of instruments including the bass, drums, keyboards and synths, the soundscape is synthy and zesty, creating a timeless nostalgic atmosphere that’s bound to get you shouting the lyrics “I want my money” by the end of the very first chorus.


Frontman Jarvis comments on the track, “I think money is a funny thing. A token for wealth, but actually worthless of itself only gaining value by law. In that sense, it can be comedic and quite funny, our pursuit of money as a society. People go to great lengths and spend all their lives accumulating a fabricated resource. I always want to be inspirational in my writing, as I see songwriting as a service to humanity. But at the same time, with ‘Money’ I wanted to craft a song that could take this questionable desire for money and make it into a glittery jam, kind of like what Hall & Oates would have done back in the 80s.”

Listen to 'Money' now: