Gaming aficionado pxzlation unleashes debut single 'MONSTER' with accompanying music video, blending hyperpop with a dynamic energy.

Undertaking a journey from the domain of gaming to the landscape of music, pxzlation, formerly known as JohnPee in the gaming community, unveils his debut single, ‘MONSTER’, kicking off a new era in his career trajectory. The London-based artist, renowned for his tech-calibre on Twitch alongside a slew of television appearances, ventures into previously uncharted musical territory, seeking to engage audiences with his dynamic sound.


With a Twitch following of 20,000 loyal fans, pxzlation – under the moniker JohnPee – is seamlessly transitioning from gaming savoir-faire to a more musical type of innovation. His television presence, spanning across 30 countries and showcased on esteemed programs such as This Week in Esports and Fortnightly, only serves to further solidify his status as a figure in the entertainment sphere.


In his next chapter, pxzlation sets his sights on embarking on a journey of global recognition and extensive touring. With plans to release two albums annually, his ambitions are set to soar as he aims to redefine his creative boundaries within this newfound scene.


‘MONSTER’, the debut single, introduces listeners to pxzlation’s hyperpop sound, characterized by energetic beats and infectious rhythms. Delving into themes of overcoming struggle and cherishing life’s highs, the track serves as a poignant reminder of resilience and hope.


Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video directed by NYDUS, providing a captivating visual narrative that mirrors the electrifying energy of the song. Additionally, a live video performance recorded at Brixton Jamm showcases pxzlation’s commanding stage presence, showcasing the genesis of a multifaceted artist.


Gamer-cum-artist pxzlation emerges as a formidable newcomer in the music industry, poised to leave a mark on the cultural landscape. With 2024 promising an abundance of musical offerings from this innovative artist, here’s to hoping the future holds boundless opportunities for artistic evolution.

Press play on pxzlation's 'MONSTER' now: