Listen to rising star Brianna Bollinger’s energy-infused new track, “Montana”, out now.

For Nashville-hailing Brianna Bollinger, a combination of chemistry and talent is the answer to great live music. Alongside the vibrant energy of her hand-picked band, the emerging artist’s undeniable guitar expertise and powerful vocals are able to fly. And her brand new, high-energy offering, “Montana” is a testament to that, complete with catchy melodies and electrifying beats.


Brianna’s music career started by playing the guitar for other artists, which allowed her to connect with other artists and audiences. She came to realise that the excitement of being in music lay in performing with other talented artists, and has channelled this in her burgeoning career. Pulling influence from artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Tate McRae, and Taylor Swift, she’s honed her unmistakable talent at blending pop with rock and punk genres. 


Her new single, “Montana” is out now, with some exciting releases that hint at a foray into Americana Rock on the cards.

Listen to "Montana" below: