Dallas’ very own, Atlantis Aquarius, have returned with the rock-fuelled track “Moonlight Night”.

The combination of spirituality and music are the two loves that have helped the group create an authentic psychedelia and distinctive lyricism. Having been described as a band with southern rock roots narratives infused with spiritualism and mysticism, the five-piece love experimenting with different sounds and elements.


A musical underdog of sorts, Atlantis Aquarius are happy to be a band on the rise as they are on the ride of their lives. The collective is all about bringing the world of rock and psychedelia together whilst enjoying the good times.


When it comes to the scorcher of a track “Moonlight Night”, the juicy guitar solos are noted when the combination of drums and smooth vocals are introduced, evoking a feeling of euphoria.


The band also brings new visuals to the blissful track where the vibes are all the same, friends enjoying life and creating the music.

Watch the music video for "Moonlight Night" below: