Sabrina Monique has dropped her playful new single, "More Than A Friend".

Sabrina Monique rose to fame on the 2020 season of the talent show American Idol, where her bold attitude and unquestionable self-confidence made her a fan favourite. With the spotlight briefly off, Monique hunkered down and worked on showing the world who she is as a recording artist, and the results are beginning to come through.


Her recent single “Love Again” was acclaimed by the music press, and now she has followed it up with her latest tune, “More Than A Friend”. It’s filled with that same confidence that elevated Monique to fame in the first place, and there’s also a playful touch to how freely Monique asserts her own worth in the lyrics – her sense of herself is strong enough that she can poke fun at her own flaws while owning them proudly as intrinsic to her identity.


It’s accompanied by an intriguingly minimalistic music video that jumps right into the recording booth with Monique, allowing us to witness the production experience firsthand without filters.


On the video, Monique says, “I love this video because you get to see me in my element & at my happiest, as well as a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. A LOT of work went into making this song. After writing it, I travelled back and forth for months working on it with my producer trying to get it to a place where it felt right because of how important this song is to me. When it comes down to the production aspect of any song really, I need to be as involved as possible throughout the process. I love that this video encapsulates those behind the scene moments that artists love, and that the audience doesn’t get to see as much.”

Watch here: