Up-and-coming indie outfit Morning Silk share their first full-length project with self-titled EP ‘Morning Silk’.

Formed by frontman Frank Corr, Morning Silk are a lo-fi indie trio from New York. Emerging into the scene with their 2019 release “Gravity”, the group assured their soft jazz sound through a string of new releases. Returning a year later, Morning Silk are back, this time with a self-titled debut studio EP.


Co-produced by Frank, Matthew Lancaster, Eamon Ford, and Caroline Sans, the album was produced and recorded at the Livingrooms studio in New York. Mixed by Eamon Ford and mastered by Øra Mastering, ‘Morning Silk’ is a cohesive debut studio EP sculpted by many creative heads. 


Having built the studio as an inexpensive solution to finding recording space, Frank explains how building this studio marked a pivotal change in the band’s future. He says: “This studio became the back storyline for the EP and changed the course of my life. As an architectural designer turned artist, it was scary throwing away everything I had worked so hard for to create a life where I felt like I was able to do what I was supposed to do, or wanted to do. It’s the only thing I really can do though”.

Stream 'Morning Silk' in full below: