Rising pop star Ashley Suppa encourages us all to “Move!” with her latest release.

At eighteen years old, Ashley Suppa has already made waves with her first single “Trouble”, which has been played by over 3500 radio stations worldwide with over a million listens on Tik Tok. Her latest release, “Move!” is bound to keep up the momentum. With its funky rhythm and groove-driven energy, it showcases the fun and flirty side to Ashley Suppa’s sound and sets the tone for the rest of her 7-track EP.


Discussing the single, Ashley explains, ‘“Move!” is about feeling liberated in the face of music, because of music. When I wrote the song, I was spending a lot of time reflecting on past situations and their outcomes. There is one thing that has remained constant through everything, and that is the music. It’s what has always allowed me to remain grounded and take a step back from everything. It also empowered me to create this necessary distance from more complex circumstances I would find myself in with others. I realized that if I had nobody, I would always have music. I wanted “Move!” to be a song that everyone could connect to because music has the power to move people in so many different ways. I hope that this song makes you “Move!”, too!’


With her innate love of music nurtured by her guitarist father, Ashley Suppa kicked off her career at just 6-years old. Now, the rising star is ready to take the stage with her sophisticated hybrid-pop sound.

Listen to the track below: