Strawberry Guy bears fruit with the new dream-pop single "Mrs. Magic".

From releasing Soundcloud singles to becoming a streaming superstar, Strawberry Guy’s (Alex Stephens) music career has been as deliciously unique as his name.

Moving to Liverpool to study music, Strawberry began writing and realising his own tracks a year ago while playing with The Orielles. He was encouraged by the artistic vibe of the city and, surrounded by other musicians, Alex felt compelled to find his own voice.

Driven by his love for music, he released his first single “Without You” to Soundcloud without much thought. The response he received was astronomical, leading to an avid fan-base with now almost 2 million Youtube streams. For Alex, following his heart put him exactly in the right place, creating moving dream-pop that spoke to young people, building a group of passionate pop ‘berries’ around the world.

“Taking my Time to Be” is Alex’s debut mini-album which is an exciting maturation on his sound from his original demo. Rich in hook-driven melodies, bubbling synths and passionate songwriting, the new tracks reveal Strawberry as a pop star in the making.

The track, “Mrs. Magic” captures the essence of the new album, atmospheric and hopeful, combining pop hooks with orchestral instruments to convey the uncertainty of new starts. Long story short,  we’re fully on the berry-wagon.

To quench your appetite until the album drops on the 27th of Septemeber, have a listen to the single, “Mrs. Magic” and preorder here!