As he amassed an ever-increasing fanbase, Florida singer/songwriter Griffin Williams reflects on the nature of success with his newest release.

With over 40,000 followers on TikTok and over 8 million views for his music across all socials, Gainesville artist Griffin Williams is starting to learn a thing or two about success.


The 21-year-old singer/songwriter started playing music at a young age. Inspired as much by Tool and Alice In Chains as he was by acts like John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band, he began to craft a sound between heavy rock and back-to-basics pop (with some occasional jazz and synth thrown in for good measure). It was a sound that worked very well for Griffin and helped him on the road to penning several successful singles.


‘Mulholland,’ Griffin’s latest release, will likely continue this trend. Sampling an early Jim Carrey quote about how the actor used to go up to the heights of Mulholland Drive to dream longingly of success, the song sees Griffin Williams armed only with an acoustic guitar as he compels someone to “sing me a lullaby” on the famous street. In complex lyrics, the artist mulls over what success might mean, as he reasons that “strays find a home” as they search for stardom in the melting pot of L.A. The interplay between the relentless percussion and powerful bass creates an intense experience, culminating in a stunningly executed finale that leaves listeners energized and wanting more.


The accompanying music video for Mulholland adds a visually stunning layer to an already mesmerizing track, featuring captivating cinematic shots of the iconic Hollywood Hills and a stunning performance from the artist.


Griffin Williams is demanding your attention – and he’s sounding sharper than ever in the process.