Up-and-coming artist Bethia captures the confusing dynamics of modern love in brand new track, “Multitask”.

Playing on modern-day relationship dynamics, emerging musician Bethia’s newest release, “Multitask”, is an RnB-pop cut inspired by lived experiences. Electric pianos and synths pulse throughout the track, as though mimicking the back and forth of love. Inspired by the likes of Kehlani and Kiana Ledé, it’s a well-considered piece with its break from the 2010s-style RnB toplines and rhythmic patterns into a slow, distorted hook.


“Multitask” sees Bethia teaming back up with longtime collaborator Mört, a Danish producer with whom she worked on a two-part EP back in 2020. Following their work together, the songstress went on to release three solo singles that began to gain traction on TikTok. Through fan interaction, the track “Should I Know Better” soared from a couple of thousand streams to half a million in just a few weeks.


And, with her latest track, Bethia has once again managed to capture all elements of young love, from the confusion to the comfort. As she explains, “I wrote [Multitask] after being with a guy who in reality, wasn’t giving me his full focus and attention. His mind was only on him preparing to go on tour. After we ended things, I felt like I was trying my best to stay busy and distracted but still managing to think of him and crave the attention from him that I desired in the beginning.”

Stream "Multitask" below: