Rising rapper M’Way discusses telling people where he comes from, musical inspirations and his big label dream.

Nottingham’s most exciting recent export, rising rap artist M’Way is returning from the success of previous track “With Ease” with upcoming single “Provide It”. Telling his own rags to riches story, in M’Way’s words, the rapper has worked hard to ‘get it out the mud’.


Still only 22 and having been working on his music for a couple of years, M’Way is already accomplished in his own right. Carving his own lane with memorable delivery alongside a conversational flow and punchy bars, since a 2020 debut single the artist has acquired over one million Spotify streams and music video premieres on GRM Daily, Mixtape Madness and Link Up TV.


M’Way grew up surrounded by hip-hop and R&B, his dad playing the likes of Nas, Dipset and Styles P. As he got older, his ear transported him to the American South, to artists such as the late great Young Dolph, Gucci Mane and, closer to home, London rapper Nines. These influences can be heard, as well as seen, in his upcoming release. The “Provide It” visuals were directed by the renowned rap-video heavyweight Suave, against a lavish mansion backdrop before a motorway trip in a Rolls Royce.


We caught up with M’Way to find out how he’s repping Nottingham, how his tracks tell people where he comes from, musical inspirations and about a long-term label dream. Dive in!

Congrats on the new track, “Provide It”, what’s it about? 

It’s not really about anything, I’m literally just spittin’ freely. It’s not a tune with a concept, I just went in the studio and went off the top. It’s a freestyle, kind of like a ‘day in the life’ tune. What I’m rapping about is basically what I do on a regular day.

How does it follow from “With Ease” – did you want a vibe switch-up? 

I actually made that tune before “With Ease”. All the singles I’ve come out with this year are similar in a way because they describe my lifestyle. I’m one of the first to do it from Nottingham innit, so I’m really trying to give people an idea of where I come from.

How would you describe the new track in three words? 

Jumpy and energetic with a mad beat.

Suave directed the visuals, how was that experience? Where did the ideas come from, must’ve been a fun collaboration?

Yeah, it was calm. I literally said to Suave that I was tryna’ set like a different sort of scene, like not have the video be shot in the ends innit’. I’m in London a lot, so I told him I wanted to do it in a mansion, so we went down and I can’t lie it was a good experience. I like how it came out, obviously Suave is really good at what he does.

You’re from Nottingham, are you proud to rep the Midlands? Do you feel like there’s room in the scene for more regional rap representation? 

Yeah – always proud, of course. I think being from Nottingham differentiates me from other people in the scene as well because there’s not even much people rapping from Notts, or even the Midlands.

Having been doing music for two years, what big lessons have you learnt so far? Any do’s and dont’s? 

There’s quite a few things I’ve learnt. I’ve learnt about marketing my music and how important that is. I’ve also learned how important it is to have a good team around you as well. Do’s and don’ts? I’d say just making sure that every track is mixed and mastered according to how I like it, not just going with the first mix. Obviously, I used to record a lot in my room, but now I like recording more in the studio so I can make sure everything sounds right.

How did you know you wanted to do music in the first place? Did you have any personal inspirations? 

It’s mad, I always could rap but I didn’t, then I made a one freestyle and I was rockin’ with it, then I made more songs that I liked, so I thought yeah let me just try a ting’ and put them out and see how it goes. At the time I was listening to a lot of Lil’ Baby and Young Dolph R.I.P – so they were probably my main inspirations back then still.

Since then, you’ve hit a million Spotify streams, picked up some awards and a number of fans. What’s been your career highlight so far?  

I picked up a million Spotify streams? That’s mad, I didn’t even know that! I’d probably say when I went to Wireless in 2021 – that was mad still. I went down with my friends and played the BBC 1Xtra stage, that was definitely a highlight for me.

Do you have something you want to achieve where you’ll step back and think, ‘yeah, I’ve made it’?  

I’d say when I chart or suttin’; that’d be a good look still – when I get a number one.

I’ve heard you want to start your own label one day, what are the big goals for M’Way? 

Yeah, I want to start a label, that’s a big goal! Outside of music, I want to have loads of properties as well, I want to secure some yards still.