Alternative's new poster girl, N3WYRKLA, talks finding her calling in music, working with Brent Faiyaz and all things it’s not you it’s me: her eclectic new album.

“One more song…one more song”, fans boom and howl as they stand side-by-side serried in a random venue in the heart of Philly. With alacrity, N3WYRKLA, fleeted back on stage to the audience’s glee and set the stage ablaze. It was a night that would be etched in her memory forever and was clear as day that this was just the start of something great.


Bringing her New Jersey roots to the creative haven of NYC, N3WYRKLA manages to stay on top of the heap, bringing bone-quaking alternative heavy beats and a chilly R&B take to the game. Her music oozes cool. No, it doesn’t beat around the bush, nor uses pompous language to describe events. It’s true, and honest, like a slew of rebellious anthems campaigning for artistic freedom.


If you’ve never heard of her name, you’ve for sure heard her voice. Remember that chart-topping anthem by Brent Faiyaz and A$AP Rocky, ‘Outside All Night’? That soul-stirring and goosebump-inducing final verse? Yes, that was N3WYRKLA. It’s not her first rodeo with R&B genius Faiyaz either; their collaboration on her recent EP, it’s not you, its me, birthed an indie-R&B lovechild that rightfully sent shockwaves through the music scene.


Only releasing her EP a month ago, it’s crystal clear that the only way is up for N3WYRKLA. Across its seven tracks, crashing alternative soundscapes thump as energetic wordplay is delivered with a potent blend of angst and yearning. Dedicating the entire project to “taking accountability about the role you play in a relationship”, she takes the well-trodden relationship narrative and breaks it down piece by piece. From the up-beat tramp jumpy tempo of ‘dumb with you’ to stripped back sorrow-infused melodies of ‘it don’t hit no more’, her adroitness and cool girl finesse is there for all to see as each track compels you to hit replay every time.


With a coveted opening slot for American rapper, Tierra Whack’s, as well as her name appearing on the lineup of festival Roots Picnic where she will share the stage with the likes of Sexyy Red and Gunna, N3WYRKLA is en route to a bustling next few months.  Before the frenzy commences, we catch up with NYC’s newest hotshot and talk finding her calling in music, working with Brent Faiyaz and all things it’s not you it’s me. 

Congratulations on your latest EP, it’s not you, it’s me! Talk to me about the inspiration behind the project.

Thank youuu! With my 2nd EP I wanted to be honest and open. I feel like lyrically the stories/meanings behind each song are out there. It’s about taking accountability about the role you may play in a relationship and reflecting on the faults of you and your partner.

You blend various genres and styles throughout the EP, from R&B to alternative, it feels like the project is an evolution of your sound. How have you approached this one differently from previous projects?

Really by just playing with different sounds and seeing what worked and what didn’t on the production side. I wanted this project to have more of an r&b feel, but still alternative.

A standout track from the EP is ‘not enough (with Brent Faiyaz)’. Marking your second collaboration with Brent, what did you want him to bring to the track?

I wanted him to just do his thing, which is exactly what he brought to the record. I love how indie/The Japanese House inspired the record and how he brought an r&b feel to it with his verse and vocal delivery.

Going back a few months, you partnered up with Brent alongside A$AP Rocky for ‘Outside All Night’. Racking up more than 23 million streams on Spotify, talk to me about how the feature came to be. What was it like working with such heavyweight artists?

Brent had heard some of my music and we connected that way. I had flown to L.A. for him to hop on ‘not enough’ while he was working on his album ‘Larger Than Life’. He ended up wanting to do another song, so that’s how ‘Outside All Night’ came about. I didn’t know Rocky was gonna be on the song until he pulled up and Brent played the record for him. It definitely was inspiring working with two artists’ I’m a fan of and seeing how they work/record.

Growing up in New Jersey surrounded by various genres such as the fast-paced dance music of Jersey club and the punk alternative scene, was there a certain sound or scene you were initially drawn to?

Not specifically…I feel like I grew up listening to a wide range of music. I love hip-hop and r&b, but I’m also a big fan of rock/alternative music. I like to take inspiration from really anything I think is easy to listen to/I can connect with.

When did you come to terms that being an artist was your deeper calling? Only bursting onto the scene a year ago, you’ve already racked up a huge fan base and millions of streams.

After doing a few semesters in college, I realized I was going to school for something I wasn’t passionate about. I didn’t wanna get stuck doing something for the rest of my life that didn’t make me happy. I always loved music, so I just took a leap and started going to the studio and figuring it out; taking the time to really learn and work on my sound. I ended up staying in school though and changing my major to psychology, I graduate this spring.

Give us the rundown of what a typical day in N3WYRKLA’s life looks like at the moment…

Eating, walking my dog Millie, rehearsals, eating again lol, sometimes the gym, and then most days vibin with my homies and going to the studio. I LIVE in the studio lol.

Through blending genres with an experimental touch, you’ve swiftly become a leading light in the alternative scene. Why is being an artist so important to you? How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

Being an artist is important to me because it’s my outlet to express how I feel, who I am, and what I have to say. I want people to feel however they want when they listen to my music, whether it makes them happy, sad, relaxed, etc. As long as people can connect somehow I’m doing something right.

At only 21 years old, you’ve released two EPs and a slew of singles, as well as collaborated with music’s biggest hotshots. Looking back, how has the whirlwind journey been for you?

It’s been hella fun. I’m learning new things musically and on the business; all while still being me and honest with my art. I’m excited for what’s to come.

What’s next for N3WYRKLA? Any upcoming shows?

I’ll be opening up for Tierra Whack at SXSW and performing at Roots Picnic this year in June so I’m ready for that. The lineup is fire. I have also been working on n3w music, I’m excited for y’all to hear!

Listen to 'it's not you it's me' now: