Iconic duo F1rstman and Hosai team up to release their first single together, "Nakhre Tere".

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, F1rstman moved to the Netherlands at a young age, experiencing a merging of cultures and music that have influenced his sound. Blending his passion for Bollywood, passed down from his father, and leaning on Western R&B influences, F1rstman has created an undeniably unique energy that transcends the globe.


Since first releasing music in 2015, F1rstman has gone on to become a multi-platinum selling artist. After scooping up awards for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Collaboration during the BritAsia Awards in 2019, his illustrious career has gone from strength to strength.


Having already acquired over 40 million views on their mashups to date, F1rstman, a real Desi/ Bollywood pioneer, and the equally talented Hosai, reveal their new single “Nakhre Tere”. Proving they work in perfect harmony, “Nakhre Tere” is a track that uplifts, spreads joy, and is instantaneously catchy: a true Bollywood banger. It is ‘all about a relationship that has its ups and downs.’ F1rstman explains, ‘You love each other and sometimes you hate each other. Regardless, you make it work. Don’t give up so soon.’

Watch the music video below: