Libyan-Australian artist W7lf shares his new tropical single “Nana’s Song”.

The Libya-born, Australia-based Mohammed ‘W7lf’ Zidan brings an equally far-reaching feel to his music. The rapper and songwriter has unleashed a number of singles since his debut in 2020, each with solid dashes of hip-hop, jazz, neo-soul, and even dance.


“Nana’s Song” is W7lf’s latest, a laid-back and summery single with a personal hidden story. The single takes “the one who disappeared” as its topic, but the tune isn’t burdened by the subject – instead, bubbling acoustics keep the tune afloat while buoyant vocals are given a modern twist.


With the 23-year-old showcasing an assured sound, things can only go onwards and upwards for W7lf.

Listen to "Nana's Song" below: