Nathan Evans drops highly anticipated debut album, 'Wellerman'.

The rousing collection of songs takes its name from the viral title track, which he achieved global success with after posting to TikTok in 2020. The cover has continued to make waves and seen Nathan Evans amass hundreds of millions of streams as well as a number one in the UK singles charts.


Nathan Evans grew up on the council estates of Airdrie, just outside of Glasgow. Persuading his Grandparents to buy him his first guitar, the artist would later take influence from his Dad’s record collection, which includes music from legends like Elvis and Johnny Cash. At the time of his viral success, which came during the covid lockdown, Evans was working as a postman, living modestly before agreeing to record a version of “The Wellerman” sea shanty. From this moment, his life has been completely transformed.


Naturally, after pioneering this revival in sea shanties, ‘Wellerman’ sees Nathan Evans presenting a strong collection of the genre. It’s an album that will delight old and new fans of the traditional folk sound, with the songwriter’s stirring cadences sailing over the acoustic melodies and percussion. The album also includes the musician’s first original composition, “Haul Way”. Nathan Evans now plans to reveal brand new songs of his own that veer towards poppier aesthetics, which fans will start to hear in 2023.