London-based pop artist, Sofia Biancardi, shares her exquisite new single “Need You Now”, which showcases her crystal-clear production, bold lyricism and stunning vocals.

Nurtured by musicians in her family, Sofia Biancardi discovered her passion for singing and songwriting at a young age, prompting her to move to the Capital at 16 to pursue her dream of breaking into the industry. Taking her queues from powerhouse female musicians such as Adele and Florence and the Machine, their influence is clear. In tandem with her self-assured attitude, Biancardi flexes her impressive vocal abilities on her new track: “Need You Now”, with a voice that reverberates with raw power. 


Sofia explains: “Most of us have experienced a toxic relationship on some level, whether that be in a friendship or romantically. The song was created when I was faced with the reality that by not letting the other person move on, you’re selfishly hurting them because of your own needs. Letting go can be painful but holding on when you can’t or won’t give them what they deserve is cruel.”


Having spent the last few years honing her talent and perfecting her sound, Sofia is a young songwriter with limitless potential. Expect Sofia Biancardi to take over playlists worldwide with her upcoming material. 

Stream "Need You Now" below: