Neff Jack sings a song of affirmation with “X Files".

Neff Jack is a fascinating and unique artist whose musical prowess is deeply rooted in his approach to playing the guitar. Through sheer determination and a burning passion to create, Neff Jack has crafted an impressive body of innovative and mesmerising work.


One of the most remarkable things about them is his ability to blend his Southern Texas rap style with his guitar playing seamlessly. He has a raw talent that comes across in every note he plays, adding an element of authenticity to his music that is rare in today’s industry.


“X Files” features a neat mix of R&B and hip-hop as Neff Jack reflects on his life. Little details go a long way, from the backup vocals that emerge from the thick of it to the heavy bass that rumbles throughout. He rides the beat, and the song has this loose, carefree approach. Guitar work has an angular tactic, for it has a nice amount of soul behind it. Volume is given for this song that needs to be felt. Lyricism has a versatile approach; he is thankful to get through everything he’s encountered.


Beats blast through right from the very first moment. A loose structure helps keep the song anchored. Interjections of the gospel-like backup vocals add to the intensity. He holds nothing back, letting his whole truth rise throughout the journey. Classic cadence runs through the entirety of the track. Much of the work has this funky quality, allowing the track to draw from Outkast’s hybrid genre-jumping. Fidelity matters: he brings a clever mixture of lo-fi and hi-fi, as the song feels gracious. Everything about the storytelling has a grandeur to it, majestic in its fashion. Melodies go for the sense of tenderness as the loveliness of the piece starts to unfurl. For the final stretch, he ties these feelings together, the ups and the downs, to move toward a spirit of gratitude and hope in the future. Neff Jack sculpts a serene, joyous sound on the tender tones of “X Files.”


One of the standout qualities of his upcoming single late July ’23, “On My Mind”, is how deeply it resonates with its audience. Neff Jack fearlessly pours his heart with raw, authentic, captivating, and captivating emotions. Listeners are drawn into a world where pain and passion intertwine, allowing them to connect with Neff Jack and his artistry on a profound level.

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