Compton-born rapper Big MG returns with slick new release “Never”, ahead of his forthcoming EP ‘My Audio Diary (M.A.D.)’.

Big MG is more than just a rapper, with a love for curating, the artist has previously studied videography and spends his spare time refining his photography and basketball skills. Currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee, MG is on a journey of shaping his musical outlook. 


Perfecting an easy-going flow with smooth adlibs and sophisticated production, MG gives thanks to the nostalgic sounds of 90s Hip-Hop through his own interpretive touch. This September saw the rapper share his breakout track “Pop Out”, which turned out to be an instant commercial hit. Now onto his latest,“Never” sees him follow-up after his newly released track “Rich & Ratchet” and shows a clear evolution in just two months. 


Growing up in a city full of notorious Hip-Hop-born rappers like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Easy-E and many more, it’s fair to say MG has some pretty large boots to fill. Nonetheless, “Never” sees him share another teaser ahead of his brand-new EP ‘My Audio Diary (M.A.D.)’, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Stream "Never" below: