Orphée Noah unveils new track ‘Never Ending’, an ode to his seamless genre-blurring artistry.

Multi-instrumentalist, Orphée Noah, takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey through his newfound fearlessness in new track ‘Never Ending’.


Renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend a myriad of genres, from death metal to French chanson, Orphée Noah is an artist unafraid to do things differently. Expanding upon his distinctive musical landscapes, Orphée presents his latest single, ‘Never Ending’, a track fusing disparate music styles into a harmonious unity.


As a child, Orphée often found himself drifting off to sleep beneath his father’s grand piano, an experience he believes solidified his affinity for unconventional melodies and chord progressions. Drawing inspiration from his recurrent moves between France and Sweden, Orphée’s quintessential melodies have already resonated with many, despite only emerging onto the music scene just last year.


Unveiled just a mere few days ago, the French polymath’s ‘Never Ending’ is an ode to his seamless genre-blurring artistry. Fusing hints of neo-soul with subtle pop and soft rock elements, Orphée creates an expansive and rich musical tapestry, enveloped with honest sentiment.


Instead of shying away from objective facts, he uses them as motivation to unravel emotive lyricism, showcasing his newfound fearlessness in the face of death, as he seeks to embrace life to the fullest. His sugar-sweet vocals unfurl a profound understanding of venturing back to his inner self to find solace.


When speaking about the track, Orphée Noah says: “It’s an old cliché but it’s true. We are made out of 97% stardust. Our entire bodies and organs were once created inside of a star. Knowing that helped me losing my fear of death aka fear of living.”

Listen to ‘Never Ending’ now: