Singer-songwriter Joni is back with her new release “Never Going Back”, a cognisant track about the pitfalls of the music industry.

Following the dreamy single “Orange”, Joni shares the new track “Never Going Back”. Produced by Noise Club (Marina and the Diamonds, Daniel Caesar, Vance Joy), it’s the second release single from Joni’s upcoming EP ‘Orchid Room’.


Written and recorded in her Laurel Canyon home, Joni draws inspiration from 60s Tropicália and 2000s indie rock to carve out her own unique sound. “Never Going Back” features shining synths, soft drums, and vocals run through vintage amps.


The song is “about embracing the messy and flawed sides of yourself”, Joni explains. “I think a lot of artists have had that moment of realising that their life isn’t going to necessarily be simple or stable, but leaning into the chaos has given me a lot of freedom.”


Having lived in Italy, Japan, and Connecticut as a child, Joni was drawn to music as an anchor in her fluid existence. Leaning piano, various woodwind instruments, and then guitar, she dropped out of music school in 2013 to move to New York City. There, Joni put a band together and honed her live gig abilities.


After signing a publishing deal with BMG,  Joni went on to write for prolific pop artists, earning an iHeartRadio music award and a platinum record. Nevertheless, Joni wanted to focus on her own work, eventually moving to LA and releasing a stream of her own singles, including the popular “Blueless Bird”.

Listen to "Never Going Back" below: