Pop songwriter Cassy London has dropped an uplifting and optimistic new tune, "New Age".

Cassy London is a true multi-hyphenate, working hard on the production and visual side of her music as well as the songwriting. Her music is a delicate mixture of her influences in the Los Angeles alt-rock scene, her pop influences including Imagine Dragons and Enya, and her own personal interest in surreal storytelling to convey universal human emotions.


Her first singles, including “Carousel”, “Suburbs” and “Old School”, have garnered notices across the music sphere, featured on YouTube’s top trending page as well as featuring on several high-profile Spotify and Apple Music playlists. She has since signed with Sony Music and counts top songwriters and producers among her collaborators.


Now, London has dropped a brand new track, “New Age”, the product of a songwriting trip to Stockholm. It’s an uplifting pop tune that brings a sense of optimism and adventure to these January days, conveying the excitement that London feels at her burgeoning pop career and connecting it to themes of personal empowerment that all her listeners can relate to.


On the track, London says: “The message of “New Age” has always been really important to me, especially right now. It’s about feeling powerful, not powerless in the face of change; holding onto optimism and rooting everything in love. The day of the session, I remember waking up and having a sense something really special was going to happen! I walked into the studio on a super cold day and sat down with the other writer and producer and began sharing my iPhone notes, voice memos, and the overall vision I had for a song called “New Age””.

Listen below: