X Revolution releases experimental track ‘New Dawn’ and questions how we can create a better tomorrow.

X Revolution isn’t here to just make music, he’s here to create real change. Using his artistry to inspire and educate listeners on life’s bigger picture, every lyric he pens and note he tunes is done with meticulous care ensuring to leave a lasting impression. Blurring the fine lines in between hip-hop, rap and electronica, his latest track ‘New Dawn’ sees him push his experimental edge to the precipice, all whilst he casts his fine eye over life’s most profound questions.


Diving deeper into his defiance of music’s conventional boundaries, ‘New Dawn’ is a track filled with bossa nova electronic grooves. Paradigmatic for the open-minded listener who yearns for something beyond the mainstream, atmospheric elements swoop the soundscape as the melodies twist and turn.


Originally creating the song by writing down a piano line and re-printing the audio into another channel, X Revolution then reshuffled the arrangements together in a chaotic yet harmonious blend that only piques listeners’ ears. Soon after, the beat was swiftly made, alongside the line-up of 808 bass in the chorus as well as the addition of arpeggio and Reese bass throughout.


On the track, X Revolution questions, “How do we find a new way to pave paths into the future, for the better of humanity?”

Listen to 'New Dawn' now: