Heiress, reality-star, and Y2K icon, Paris Hilton, has teased her new tracksuit collection, complete with bedazzled slogans.

If Paris Hilton has been on your radar at any point over the last two decades, it’s more than likely the socialite-businesswoman-model-singer-DJ-actress was donning a Juicy Couture tracksuit on some, if not all of these occasions. Having admitted to Vogue she has an entire closet dedicated to the brand, in the same 2019 interview she discusses her trademarking of a signature saying, “That’s hot!” Her upcoming collection then, might not come as a surprise to Hilton’s dedicated following.

Her own collection comes in a range of classic Paris colours, all in velour of course, complete with decorative taglines. Announcing the drop on her Instagram, the tracksuits are apparently due to hit Hilton’s website in June.


She promises: “there’s a tracksuit style for every occasion […] the tracksuit is a forever wardrobe staple because it’s elevated comfort that you can wear anywhere.” The real question: how have we lived this long without them? As Paris would say, loves it.