Devault conjures romance and nostalgia on his dreamy new single Nothing But You.

California’s Devault is in the middle of a rapid ascent right now. Having cut teeth his teeth over the course of last year with a string of high profile remixes for the likes of Rihanna, DJ Snake and Kelhani, this autumn sees the Orange County producer building to the release of his debut EP Stay. Today he’s sharing the EP’s lead single ‘Nothing But You’ featuring Donnie Sloan and Ricky Ducati. Premiering on Notion today, ‘Nothing But You’ channels 80s soundtracks and the Beach Boys, conjuring romance out of a sea of pulsing bass and washed out synths.


Speaking about the track Devault said “Nothing But You is such an important song to this upcoming EP. It’s the perfect blend between an empowering instrumental and melancholic lyrics. I think the nostalgic “beach boys” effect this song has really give’s a refreshing take in the electronic space, specifically for the Devault project. Despite the sad story, I felt hopeful and happy while making this song, something that will uniquely mesh with the EP’s soundscape.” Listen to ‘Nothing But You’ today.