In his latest single 'Meaning', Nick Broadhurst dives deep into self-discovery through electronic pop.

For Nick Broadhurst, ‘Meaning’ is more than just a song; the artist considers it a “spiritual awakening” which he hopes will encourage listeners to embark on a quest of self-discovery. The singer-songwriter has always approached music from a spiritual standpoint, it’s how he sets himself apart in the crowded landscape of electronic pop. With his latest musical offering, Broadhurst puts the celestial overtly in the foreground.


Being the lead track of an upcoming EP, ‘Meaning’ showcases the artist’s eclectic musical mastery. The fusion of electronic synths and nuanced instrumentation create an immersive sonic experience, meanwhile emotions are evoked by Broadhurst’s soft yet commanding vocals. With thought-provoking lyrics, like the memorable line “all the answers can be found inside”, listening is an invite to be introspective. 


Prior to this soul-stirring single, Broadhurst had already struck a chord with many: he began connecting with audiences in 2018 (the year of his first Spotify release) online and then intimately through live performances including a most recent one at Sydney’s Wanderlust True North Festival. ‘Meaning’ is expected to resonate even further, showing promise for Nick Broadhurst’s soon-to-drop EP and future career. 

Listen to 'Meaning' now: