Nick Cave debuts his ceramic figurines in Brussels, as he tells the cradle-to-the-grave story of the Devil.

Fresh from the festivities of Easter, commemorating the resurrection of Christ, Nick Cave entices us on a darker path, shining a spotlight on the Devil in his latest exhibition. Held at the Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels, The Devil—A Life, sees the Australian musician channel his artistic prowess into a cadre of small, glazed sculptures dedicated to portraying the life and demise of Satan.


Comprising of 17 figurines fashioned in the vein of Victorian Staffordshire flatback sculptures, Nick’s collection offers a visual narrative of his fascination with religion as a conduit for deeper introspection and exploration. Beyond merely chronicling the Devil’s journey from birth to demise, it serves as a poignant reflection on human life—our transition from innocence to experience and eventual reckoning with our own morality, all while seeking redemption.

Standout figurines include a mischievous devil child, smiling as he’s adorned in a sailor outfit with prickly horns and a red monkey companion by his side. As well as an elder devil, weary yet vibrant, dancing topless in a blue kilt and red plimsolls. Not forgetting, the ‘Devil in Remorse’, which sees Nick himself step into the role, depicted with hands covering his face in deep sorrow.

What started as a desire to create a singular devil figure with a striking red gaze, sparked a quest for absolution from personal turmoil for Nick. His ceramic work, much like his music, delves into themes of forgiveness and the moral power of beauty, whilst looking at whether balancing our sins is fathomable.


As anticipation reached its zenith, the exhibition opened its doors yesterday, enticing all who entered. Yet, the excitement surged even higher today as Nick dropped the trailer for his band —Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’—latest album. Entitled Wild God, the album promises to harness Nick’s soul-stirring narratives and rich imagery. This release comes in tandem with the announcement of their eagerly awaited headline tour of UK and Europe, marking their first since 2017.


The Devil—A Life is on view at Xavier Hufkens from 4th April until 11th May.