Alt-pop musician, LaVo, launches his emotional flood of a second single “Night Train”.

Since crashing onto the musical landscape earlier this year, LaVo has racked up over 175,000 streams for his debut, “Tango”. The hit blended an unlikely but alluring combination of indie-pop synths, funk-influenced tunes, and carnival beats.


Now he is back but with a gear change, sharing his new single “Night Train”. While this track is more traditionally indie-rock, drawing on musical influences such as Foals and Tame Impala, there is still much to look forward to with LaVo’s latest. Rushing, slightly psychedelic guitars and whooshing synths accompany the artist’s deeply honest lyrics about loss and hope.


LaVo explains that his new song “explores themes of loneliness, longing, hope and desperation. It is lyrically mostly about the novelty of love. The sometimes randomness of it all and the serendipity in contrast. Alluding to the sentiment of “The harder you look the less you find”. Exploring the torment of feeling lost yet finding something incredible along the way. This was something personally I had never experienced and looking back on it there still feels no way to prepare for it.”


LaVo has spoken more on his musical motivation: “As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 10 years, my dream is to inspire others to keep going just like the artists I used to idolize did for me. Whether it was just inspiration that I could get through those dark times, or knowing that someone that means so much to me has gone through the same things I was as a young adult. It’s extremely important to me.”


This ecstatic, poignant new single marks the beginning of an exciting career ahead for the alt-pop artist.

Listen to "Night Train" below: