NTI takes a long journey through night on his dreamy new track, "nightdrive".

NTI is a British storyteller who has determined not to let the COVID pandemic’s devastating impact on his country’s music industry go unanswered, and to make sure there’s a space for homegrown art no matter the state of the world.


Drawing inspiration from his home in central London, NTI has made himself into a bit of a musical nomad, using multiple spaces across the UK and European continent to record the dreamy alternative R&B that has become his signature sound. He’s played top festivals like Glastonbury and Wireless, and has been co-signed numerous times by BBC Radio 1 & Xtra.


Now, NTI is ready for a brand new era. His forthcoming EP, ‘project one’, is set to be an epic exploration into the twentysomething experience, in all its highs and lows, in the big city, and his new track “Nightdrive” is a first taste. It’s a dreamy, insomnia-inflected search through possibilities as NTI lets all his emotions out in the dark of night, an expression of vulnerability that portends truly exciting things to come.


On the track, NTI has said: “‘nightdrive’ was a song born in the wilderness. in between two spaces. some would say I was lost, I would say it’s the most at home I’d ever felt, in the wondering, in the questions, in the not knowing. I sat with Jon with no expectations, but I knew I was done telling stories that didn’t resonate with me anymore, and he switched on the mic and I freestyled this song about looking for a lost love in the early mornings of a LA trip I was 3 days into.”

Listen below: