Nina Nesbitt and Nordoff Robbins take over the 10Trax playlist this week, with a life-changing playlist.

We’ve got something a little different for you this week. Instead of our usual weekly round-up of the best releases of the past seven days, the 10Trax playlist today has been taken over by Nina Nesbitt. Why you ask? Well, as you’ll know from our huge summer party this year, Notion are big supporters of the music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. Using music they help treat isolated people across society, from autistic children to those struggling with PTSD and various other mental health problems. Later this month Nordoff Robbins are hosting ‘Get Loud’ a series of concerts all taking place on Wednesday 26th, to raise awareness and money for the great work that they do. Nina Nesbitt is one of the performers taking place and as loyal readers will know, a long time Notion fave.

Naturally then when we heard about her partnership with the charity we thought why not let her take over everyone’s favourite weekly playlist to spread the good word? Luckily for us, and for you, she didn’t disappoint and has got ten absolute bangers for you. We never thought we’d see Bon Iver and Usher on one playlist but there you go, music is truly incredible.

We’ll let Nina take it from here: “These songs shaped a lot of my childhood and teenage years which is when I think you have the time and freedom to discover what kinda music is gonna influence the way you write and sing when you’re older.”

“I started out with a lot of Mariah Carey (my mums favourite), Madonna, Britney and Whitney. I love the whole pop diva era and their songs were undeniable bangers. I then discovered Taylor Swift’s Fearless album when I was 15 and it really spoke to me as a young kid from a small town. I loved how it was just her and guitar because it felt like something I could imitate, not having the resources of a studio. She was the reason I picked up a guitar.

I then got really into Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma’ album and was obsessed with the open tunings and abstract lyrics. Discovering Alanis Morissette was a defining moment for me as an artist, I was really impressed with how raw her lyrics were and how she held nothing back. When I heard ‘You Oughta Know’ I was inspired to be more open with my lyrics. Say things that maybe weren’t said but definitely felt. My song ‘The Best You Had’ is heavily influenced by her.

Recently I’ve listened to a lot of 90/00s R&B. I love Destiny’s Child, TLC and a couple of Lauryn Hill’s tracks. I love the attitude and empowerment felt in the lyrics and delivery. I recently delved back into 90/00s classics and got really into Usher’s Confessions album which I absolutely love. I’m hanging on every word waiting on the next part of the story. I love that he did a concept album because that’s something that I think is rarely done so well.

Imogen Heap is someone I’ve listened to for a while and I’m really inspired by how she writes, sings, produces AND mixes her albums. I watched a documentary she made whilst making one of her album’s and witnessed the intricacies of the production, recording samples on her staircase etc and thought that was really cool.”

Nina Nesbitt plays Nordoff Robbins ‘Get Loud’ on Wednesday 26th September, for tickets and more information check out their website.