Joell unveils No Flowers Without Rain: a new era for Scottish music.

The Scottish music scene got a significant boost with the release of Joell‘s latest mixtape, No Flowers Without Rain. This collection of tracks delves deep into the soul of its creator, reflecting his journey through personal challenges and artistic evolution. Released today, the mixtape is already stirring excitement among fans and critics, heralding a new era for an artist who defies genres and expectations.


No Flowers Without Rain captures the essence of Joell’s unique sound and introspective lyrics. The mixtape blends hip-hop, soul, and experimental sounds that have become Joell’s signature. Each track is a personal confession, a narrative that draws heavily on his experiences and struggles, turning them into anthems of resilience and hope.

Early reviews praise No Flowers Without Rain for its authenticity and boldness. Music critics have noted Joell’s skill in balancing raw emotional content with catchy, innovative beats. This mixtape is his most polished and profound work, securing his place as one of Scotland’s most exciting and creative artists.


‘NFWR’ encapsulates Joell’s ongoing quest for love, encompassing romantic relationships and self-discovery. This mixtape delves into his growth journey, navigating the challenges and revelations encountered along the way. It explores the introspective pain of self-examination and the deep desire to be desired, noticed, and understood. It captures his yearning for fulfilment and dreams while underscoring the realisation that personal development takes precedence—the belief that by prioritising one’s journey, everything else will naturally fall into place. Joell’s ability to blend storytelling with music reaches new heights in this release, showcasing his growth as a musician and storyteller.


When asked about his journey within music and what motivates him, Joell said, “I’m most proud of the journey and becoming the man I am today and continuing to grind on no matter what. Music has given me drive and focus. Knowing that I am in control and hard work, consistency, creating plans, and hitting targets keeps you moving.”


No Flowers Without Rain is available to stream on all major platforms. Fans can access it directly through this link, immersing themselves in Joell’s latest artistic expressions.


With the release of No Flowers Without Rain, Joell sets the bar high for what’s next in his musical journey. This mixtape reflects his personal growth and relentless push to redefine the boundaries of Scottish music. As the mixtape rounds across digital platforms, it’s clear that Joell is a force to be reckoned with in the global music scene.

Listen to No Flowers Without Rain now: