Multifaceted artist, Kai Caster, releases his second alt-pop single "No More Parties".

Originally credited as an actor, Kai Caster has a passion for expressing himself through a variety of creative mediums, music being one. With family members who share this same passion he was surrounded by a music-obsessed father and a grandfather who played the piano.


In this groove-filled track, Caster tells the story of spending time indoors with someone you love, which is extremely relatable in light of recent restrictions. With a simple yet catchy melody, “No more Parties” is the creative’s second release so far.


Caster shares: “Acting and music are similar, but at the same time are completely different beasts,” says Kai. “I love how with both music and acting you can go into a whole new version of yourself. With music, I try to show emotion and tell a story in every song I write, it’s another level of pure expression. When my dad died, I became more in tune with what I was feeling and what I wanted to say. Music was a natural outlet; it helps me grieve as I discover new things about myself and I’m really excited to share my new music – my new direction – with the world”.


You may recognise Kai’s name and face from American Horror Story, A Girl Named Jo and many other TV shows and films on his roster. Revealing another layer to his artistry was the right call and we are soaking it all up one song at a time.

Stream "No More Parties" below: