‘80s pop meets synth rock in Lightchild’s atmospheric debut album, “No Strings Attached”.

New York-based musician Lightchild has just dropped her highly-anticipated and entirely self-produced album, “No Strings Attached”. Blending infectious vocals characteristic of Jpop with hooks straight from the ‘80s, Lightchild is one to have on your radar. 


The artist’s made-evident musical expertise has been long in the making. She first dipped her toe into music as a child with the study of classical violin, which snowballed into playing for the likes of Quincy Jones with the NY Philharmonic. The Japan-hailing artist later utilised her vivid imagination and synesthetic sound to create soundtracks as a music editor. The walking definition of multi-faceted, she began her self-titled music and motion picture-focused creative studio “Lightchild”. They’ve previously worked with Universal Studios and HBO, as well as the artist’s own independent films, which have shown at Sundance Festival and American Black Film Festival.


With the release of “No Strings Attached”, Lightchild exposes her own anxieties to encourage listeners to put worries behind them. As she explains, “It’s about releasing your baggage and travelling lighter in your spiritual journey. We need to keep moving forward no matter what difficulties we face. And sometimes we need to let go and close old doors to find new ones.”


Stream “No Strings Attached” below.