Nigerian-American rapper Jssan releases "Nono", an energetic expression of unpredictability.

First generation Nigerian-American Jssan was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, a multi-cultural upbringing that has influenced his blended sound. Off the back of his first single “Okay”, his new track “Nono” serves as a reintroduction to the music scene. His music takes inspiration from a variety of genres, from afrobeat to pop, both which can be heard in this track.


Jssan was drawn to music from a young age, learning the drums and growing up frequently touring across the country. He began experimenting in the studio in 2018 and from here, his first single was born. It racked up over a quarter of a million streams in Spotify. Since Jssan’s first single release, he has been proud to be an open book for his supporters and followers, as well as continuously working to give back to the communities that have helped shape him.


Looking forward, “Nono” seems the perfect follow up to Jssan’s debut. Working with Grammy award winning producers Joseph E. Colmenero and Chris Gehringer, the hip-hop feel has a relatable message. For the artist “this single expresses the witty, energetic, and triumphant energy of overcoming obstacles despite the works of unpredictable naysayers”.

Watch below: