San Francisco-based hip-hop duo The Jealous Guys have dropped their slick new single "North Face Sermon".

The Jealous Guys have made their name with their soulful Bay Area style, and they’re continuing that legacy with the release of ‘North Face Sermon’, coinciding with the album release of their Art of Hip-Hop Vol. 1, a celebration of San Francisco’s underground hip-hop scene.


It’s an expansively-produced track with a crisp beat that emphasises the vocals of Casa and Yin, the duo who make up The Jealous Guys, and the perfect synchrony that they’ve developed together. Casa and Yin, describing the new track, have said that “North Face Sermon is a soulful track with references to old school Hip Hop and fashion filled with slick wordplay”.


The Jealous Guys have accrued tens of thousands of streams already, and it looks like they’re only getting bigger.

Listen below: