Lo-fi Canadian artist, Eryn Martin, is "just a hot girl in bed" on her new track "NOT".

Eryn Martin has been riding high after motoring past 1 million streams for her music and staying on the top of her creative grind. After taking a short hiatus from releasing in order to focus on the studio, Eryn is back with the new single “Not”.


Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Eryn said: “NOT is about being fucking pissed. I have a temper, and probably an attitude problem, as some would say – especially growing up when I was younger. It takes a lot to really flick my switch, but not when I’m drinking. Instead of dealing with the issues, sometimes I just like to have a few. I’m not proud of it, especially the day after, but we all go through it sometimes, and that’s what I’m singing about”.


Eryn loves to work on the fringe of pop – pulling inspiration from a wide variety of sounds – including hip-hop beats and samba drums. It was her father that gave her the music bug, always listening to Timbaland and Missy Elliott. “I started writing songs when I was six”, Eryn reveals. “I had a cheap little acoustic guitar that I didn’t know how to play”. By high school, Toronto native Eryn got into GarageBand, laying her voice over A$AP Rocky and Clams Casino beats. “I thought it was just really cool to hear a female harmony over that”, she says. One day, a friend shared her music on SoundCloud, and the rest is history.

Watch the visualizer for "NOT" below: