Taking you back to the 90s era of Britpop is Coco and the Lost with her new single “Not Famous”.

Growing up surrounded by music, there was a slim chance Coco and the Lost – real name Ella – would gravitate away from her musical calling.


Keeping it in the family, “Not Famous” was recorded in Coco’s Brighton home studio alongside her dad, then mastered by the iconic John Davies. The track itself started from her fathers purchase of a Rockman (a headphone guitar amplifier) because they used it on “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard. “He started playing this riff, when I heard it, I wrote the rest of the song and then we put it together”.


The song ended up as a perfect amalgamation of classic Britpop melodies paired with the much necessary empowering lyrics and attitude, finalised with her dad’s grungy guitar riffs. Check it out below.

Stream "Not Famous" below: