Fusing English, French and Dutch on this latest bilingual rap collaboration, three huge international rappers take to the mics on their latest track.

Previously topping the UK Hip Hop charts and now zooming to feed the streets with more of his raw grimy lyricism, one of West London’s finest, Fredo, teams up with French O.G rapper Lacrim and Amsterdam’s finest musical artist 3Robi for their latest collaboration “Not My Don’s”.

Taking us into their trippy smoke, filled with booties, drink and well, more booties in their underground cinematic visuals, the three rappers didn’t just bring champagne and girls to the table but lingual diversity too in this fresh new collaboration.

Subtle yet effortless bad man vibes is what this track is all about. Following a deep grimy trap beat, the rappers are not shying away with their direct and personal lyricism as they come up clean and fresh on this upcoming collaboration from The Plug Records.

"Not My Dons" by Fredo x Lacrim x 3robi