Jenna Bennett and N:Fostell have dropped a fierce and emotional new track to dance to, "Nothing More to Say".

For Jenna Bennett, there’s no way other than her own. Perhaps as a direct result of her early start in the music business, making tunes at age 15, the Toronto singer has taken a confident disinterest in the boundaries of genre and commercial rules of music – above all, she makes her own music according to her own rules.


Bennett has had early success with singles like “Rhythm of You” and “Priceless”, and she’s now teamed up with North London producer N:Fostell to take her music to the next level. N:Fostell has worked with DJ and house legends like MK and Idris Elba, making him the perfect fit for Bennett’s natural talent.


Bennett is ready to show the fruits of that collaboration with her new track, “Nothing More to Say”. With a thrumming beat reminiscent of so many disco classics before it, N:Fostell’s clever synths are an excellent compliment to Bennett’s expression of truly controlled vulnerability as she dissects a relationship that was ultimately doomed to fail.



On the track, Bennett says, “I met N:Fostell through socials and loved his work. He sent me an instrumental and I knew right away I had to write to it! Getting lost in the music, I found myself feeling a sense of confidence which led me to write about that moment when you know a relationship isn’t going to work and being confident in the decision to end it.

Listen below: