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It started with a DM being sent to A.G. Cook's inbox, an honest story of how Namasenda enters the PC Music family.

It’s not been a quiet time for the Eurobeat angel who released the literally breathtaking tracks “Dare (AM)” and “Dare (PM)” and playing on various live streams gigs on Club Quarantine. Can we have some more plz?

Hello Namasenda – how are you today?

I’m good thank you, today was a good day 🙂

Where are you right now?

I’m in Stockholm, on the tube, omw home.

What have you been up to the past few months?

I’ve been writing music, recording myself and cutting my own vocals for the first time ever, which has been interesting to say the least lol. I’ve learned a lot.

What is the newest thing you’ve discovered about yourself ?

I recently learned that I can almost do a split, tbc.

First tune you put on when you wake up?

‘Stunna Girl’ — Runway.


How did you figure out your sound?

I haven’t haha. It’s always changing in my head.

How did your relationship with PC Music come about?

I dm’d A. G. on IG, we had a session and then we signed. Click-clack badabing badaboom.

Describe your writing process

It changes all the time, but these days it always starts out with a beat that I’ve got, right now I’m very much into themes so I have all these song titles and one liners on notes, so I go through them and see what the beat wants and then I just record myself singing over and over until the whole thing is written.

How do you find new music?

Soundcloud always. Twitter sometimes and once in a while on Spotify when they continue to play stuff after your playlist is done.

What’s the creative inspiration behind your latest project?

Action movies.

What are you most proud of now?

Not getting Corona yet is a flex I guess. But also my upcoming single. I’m really excited to share and I feel really really proud of it.

What do you do when you’re not working on your music?

Watch Paradise Hotel.


Your favorite word?


What is your go-to snack?


One thing you can’t live without?

Ramlösa sparkling water.

What artists would you like to collab with?

City Girls are cool, I like Future’s flow too.

Stream Namasenda's music below:

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