From the hottest collabs to the most anticipated comebacks, here's every track you need to hear this week.

‘Tough’ by Quavo & Lana Del Rey

Blending rap, pop and country, Lana Del Rey and Quavo’s new unexpected collaboration is everything we could’ve hoped for. Bringing in classic country lyrical tropes - from old leather boots to glasses of whisky - and Western-esque moments of pedal steel guitar, contrasted with Quavo’s autotuned adlibs and trap beats, it’s a mismatch made in heaven.

‘Lithonia’ by Childish Gambino

Announcing his sixth studio album Bando Stone & The New World today, Childish Gambino is back with a vibrant new single ‘Lithonia’. Set to be Donald Glover’s final project under the Childish Gambino moniker, the highly anticipated album is set to drop in summer and doubles as the soundtrack to a self-directed film of the same name.

‘Ever Seen’ by beabadoobee

Bringing us the third single from her upcoming album This Is How Tomorrow Moves, Beabadoobee drops new single ‘Ever Seen’. Written whilst she was on the road with Taylor Swift for The Eras Tour last summer, it’s an ethereal indie-pop track with a playful video shot in Japan to boot and further promises that the genre-bending project will be a must-listen.

‘JOYRIDE’ by Kesha

Bringing in a new era of independence, Kesha’s empowered new single ‘JOYRIDE’ celebrates her “unapologetic right to freedom”. Released on her brand new own label, Kesha Records, the pop anthem had its live debut at NYC’s Planet Pride 2024, kicking off “Kesha Summer”

‘Nothings Changed (!)’ by Jim Legxacy

Jim Legxacy's new single ‘nothings changed (!)’ is a poignant tribute to his late sister, reworking her favourite song to honour her legacy. This track, accompanied by a deeply personal video, captures the raw emotion of his loss and the enduring importance of love and family. Playing his debut live show at The Albany next week, Jim Legxacy continues to disrupt the London music scene with his unique, genre-blending sound.

‘Bubble Bath’ by AJ Tracey

Always innovating, AJ Tracey's latest single ‘Bubble Bath’ boasts a fresh take on UK rap, blending his signature style with vibrant UKG influences. Following a star-studded launch at his very own Soho nail shop, AJ's new vibey track is a summer must-listen.

‘don’t rush’ by Bklava

Bklava’s latest single ‘Don’t Rush’ from their effervescent 14-track mixtape C U L8R celebrates underground club culture with a powerful blend of house and techno. Showcasing Bklava’s standout vocals and production skills, the track is sure to be a euphoric floor-filler this summer.

‘Hot Mess’ by aepsa

In less than four years, South Korean girl group aespa has skyrocketed to global K-pop stardom. Now, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning elevate their game with the Japanese debut single, ‘Hot Mess’, a high-energy track celebrating independence and self-acceptance.

‘Soh Soh’ by Odeal

Odeal's latest single ‘Soh Soh’ from his EP Sunday At Zuri’s showcases his distinctive fusion of R&B and afrobeats. Raised in South East London, Odeal infuses his music with vibrant energy and cultural richness, and the new track is no different. Capturing his smooth vocals and vibrant melodies, ‘Soh Soh’ promises that Odeal is one to watch.

‘28’ by Zach Bryan

Boundary breaking alt-country star Zach Bryan dropped his highly anticipated album The Great American Bar Scene into the world, and ’28’ is playing on repeat. First performed during his Quittin’ Time tour, the song explores themes of growth and self-discovery with Bryan’s emotive vocals. This slow-burning track, set against the backdrop of the American bar scene, showcases Bryan’s evolving sound and storytelling prowess, teasing what’s still to come.