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On Songer’s 5th project, THE PRICE OF THERAPY, he validates mental health issues through the lens of a rising star, analysing the anxieties that work in tandem with his growing success. ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG’, however, acknowledges all that he’s achieved so far. Taking a moment to look in the mirror, the rapper growls punchlines over a turbo-charged trap beat, not taking his foot off the gas across three minutes of hard rhymes.

‘Outside Of Love’ by Becky Hill

Prepare for anthemic goosebumps as vocal powerhouse, Becky Hill, amps up excitement for her forthcoming album with her latest track, ‘Outside of Love’. Pulsating beats and an electrifying energy draw from her underground roots, shaking up the dancefloor and sending BPMs soaring sky high.

‘II MOST WANTED’ by Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus

Saddle up and tune in as Cowboy Carter finally rides into our streaming platforms. Her first rodeo in country music, Beyoncé taps Miley Cyrus on heartfelt ballad, ‘II MOST WANTED’. With Americana flair and flocks of summer romance, the track unfurls the passion of relationships as two of pop’s iconic stars join forces for the first time.

‘Y2K’ by Sainté

Sainté’s debut mixtape, Still Local, reveals his unequivocal love for Leicester; the city that raised him. Flexing a lavishly eloquent flow pattern, ‘Y2K’ sees the rapper entrusting his singing prowess too, as he flicks through a wad of cash and hands out notes to a love interest, who he pampers in all the premium gear we’ve come to expect from him.

‘How You Feeling?’ by Strandz, Tora-i

Dishing out a nostalgic dose of '90s hip-hop vibes, Strandz brings his streetwise style to the UK rap game. Tapping London vocalist, Tora-i, to infuse ‘How You Feeling’ with soulful undertones, the track leads the charge on his latest EP, No Time. With a seamless fusion of old-school swagger and laid-back beats, Strandz delivers unmatched bars that solidify his place in the rap game.

‘I LUV IT’ by Camila Cabello, Playboi Carti

Returning with supersonic energy, Camila Cabello’s hyperpop nodding ‘I LUV IT’ accelerates her sound into the future. Playboi Carti grumbles a gruff feature in his mumbled monotones while the Cuban singer brings her Caribbean flare to light up a cyber-soaked Jersey club beat.

‘Fine Art’ by KNEECAP

Belfast trio, KNEECAP, are opening up mosh pits with their rebellious anthems and fearless critiques of the establishment. Dishing out a taste of their debut album, standout track, ‘Fine Art’ sees them transport listeners to a pub, The Rutz, a figment of their lager-soaked imagination. The gritty anthem embodies community spirit as the trap-infused beat plays out to razor-sharp lyricism and socially conscious commentary, whilst they blend English and Irish satire into potent musical brew.

‘Sweet Love’ by Myles Smith

DIY singer-songwriter, Myles Smith, bares his soul once again in his latest track ‘Sweet Love’. Standing as the fifth track of his debut EP, You Promised A Lifetime, Myles delves into the depths of profound romance, serenading listeners with his soulful voice against the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. Encapsulating the tender essence of love, Myles dishes up the perfect ballad that captures all those gooey smitten moments.

‘On Ur Mind’ by Lancey Foux

Lancey Foux does things his own way. It took a while for people to cotton on to the wave of psychedelic UK rap he was spearheading in the late 2010s, but he’s firmly in the conversation for being one of our most innovative artists now. ‘On Ur Mind’ is a more mellow and calculated affair than previous releases, as he slides OG R&B narratives across powdery melodies and devastating 808s: “I must be on your mind girl,” he whispers in his intrinsic autotuned vocals.

‘LABOUR - the cacophony’ by Paris Paloma

Announcing her debut album, CACOPHONY, with a new version of the breakout single, ‘labour’, Paris Paloma is soundtracking female rage with a fiery impetus. This rendition is far more grandeur. Putting her head in the stocks and spitting on cobbled roman streets, the singer-songwriter calls out the patriarchy and defiantly protests all the injustices that come with it.

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