In Notion Now: Week 40, Bree Runway, MoStack and AJ Tracey, Che Lingo, Kojey Radical, Aaron Taylor, and more have all released new bops to carry us through lockdown 2.0.

"Little Nokia" by Bree Runway

Notion 87 cover star Bree Runway is back with this 'destructive pop' track. "I'm all about mixing and blending genres, melodies, topics from different realms. To be speaking on hood affairs, with a pop melody on a rock-infused beat is the most Bree Runway thing ever", she said.

"Dark Days ft. Kojey Radical" by Che Lingo

Che Lingo has joined forces with Kojey Radical on the "self-prescribed therapy session" that is their single "Dark Days", which pays tribute to the women who have supported them throughout their life. It's the third song to be shared from Che's upcoming debut album ‘The Worst Generation’.

"Miss Me (feat. AJ Tracey)" by MoStack

A laid back, chill vibe from MoStack and AJ Tracey, expect to hear this tune everywhere for the next few weeks.

"Haunted" by Jafaris

Irish rapper Jafaris swaps his usual explosive flow for this softly sung song about post-breakup feels.

"Flowers" by Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor is doing what he does best on the smooth, synth-led "Flowers", a track from his new album ‘Icarus'.

"Air Forces" by Mustafa

Following his much-hyped debut single "Stay Alive" in March, Toronto's Mustafa (a.k.a. Mustafa The Poet) is back with this entrancing track, built around samples of a Sudanese tribal chant. Look out for lines such as: "Don't crease your Air Forces/ Just stay inside tonight/ You know what's happening outside".

"leave me alone!" by boy pablo

Norwegian songwriter boy pablo says what we're all feeling right now on this new song, which features a tasty guitar solo. “The song is based on a feeling I remember from when I was a little kid", boy pablo shared.

"Issa Minor" by JB Scofield

Amsterdam-born, Leicester-based rapper, JB Scofield, proves he's one to watch with his new tune "Issa Minor".

"Street Lights" by Kean Kavanagh

Soft Boy Records' Kean Kavanagh has dropped his debut album, 'Dog Person', a real blend of influences, featuring everything from hazy musings to indie rock and jazz.

"I Found Out When the Day Had Come" by bb sway

Hong Kong-born, London-based bedroom pop artist, bb sway, is back with another spirit-lifting track. bb said the song is "about a sense of release and liberation...feeling free and wild, emerging from a dark place into the light with energy and joy!"

"All for You" by fika & Fabich

South London duo fika & German producer Fabich have released their debut EP ‘Love Stories’, a striking fusion of jazz, funk, hip-hop & R&B. This is one of our faves from the collaboration.

"Only Over You" by Julia Bardo

Italian-born, Manchester-based musician, Julia Bardo, covers Fleetwood Mac's “Only Over You”, ahead of releasing her upcoming EP, 'The Raw'.

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