Discover surprise collaborations and your favourite new artist on this week's Notion Now playlist, featuring FLO, ROSALÍA, Anish Kumar and more.

“Fly Girl” by FLO, Missy Elliott

FLO continue their noughties pursuit with “Fly Girl”, featuring Missy Elliott's unmistakably flow.

“I’M THAT BITCH” by BIA, Timbaland

From one Virginia legend to another, Timbaland lends his seminal “She’s a Bitch” sample to Boston-born rhymer BIA.

“Candy Necklace” by Lana Del Rey, Jon Batiste

Lana Del Rey’s been a Notion Now mainstay since the announcement of her latest album. ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ is finally out and the Jon Batiste featuring “Candy Necklace” is our pick of the tracks.

“BESO” by ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro

“BESO” and its reggaeton trundle is an infectious ode to the newly announced engagement of ROSALÍA and Rauw Alejandro.

“Boyhood” by The Japanese House

Amber Bain’s back with a brooding folk-pop ballad. Toning down the dreamy electronica of past releases, “Boyhood” encapsulates a new sonic direction for the artist.

“Eye For An Eye” by Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama’s latest single is the theme to John Wick: Chapter 4. Stomping rock n roll electro soundtracks the underworld of crime that the hit man operates in.

"Black British" by V V Brown

Back after a six year hiatus, V V reminds us all of what we've been missing. This new track is a powerful exploration of identity and the conflicts of cultural experience.

“Praise” by Anish Kumar

Crafting a sound lauded by everyone from Four Tet to Annie Mac, Anish Kumar’s latest single “Praise” melts jazz, hip-hop, broken beat and Bollywood into a pot of joyous listening.

“Rodeo” by Bimini

Cultural icon Bimini is letting everyone know that this isn’t their first “Rodeo”. A feel-good song with lots of attitude, the track is a reminder of the multihyphenate they’ve become.

“Sports” by yunè pinku

“Sports” spans everything from UK funky to techno and breakbeats: syrupy and soothing, yunè pinku’s vocals add some restless harmony to the mix.

“Palace” by Tora-i

Relaying her world introspections with a relatable edge, Tora-i’s “Palace” is another jazz-infused R&B jam from the rising London talent.


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