Press play on this week's playlist, from Kendrick Lamar's diss track, to Caroline Polachek's array of crunchy guitars addition to the I Saw the TV Glow soundtrack.

‘euphoria’ by Kendrick Lamar

Escalating the feud between him and hip-hop heavyweight, Drake, Kendrick Lamar lays it all bare in scathing diss track, ‘euphoria’. With relentless force and razor-sharp lyricism, Kendrick unleashes a barrage of verbal blows, branding Drake as a “manipulator and habitual liar”, while dissecting his parenting skills.

‘Love Making’ by KNEECAP, Nino

Going full blown garage mode, Irish-rap bad boys, Kneecap, give a glimpse into their upcoming album, Fine Art , with their latest track, ‘Love Making’ . Infusing nostalgic '90s garage vibes with the frenetic energy of 21st century club music, the trio create a floor-filling anthem. Bringing Limerick-born vocalist, Nino, to the mix, her high-octane vocals adorn the chorus, whilst Kneecap’s rap prowess shines through in the verses.

‘Mobsters’ by K-Trap, Blade Brown

Sending shockwaves across the UK rap scene, K-Trap join forces with long-time frien, Blade Brown for their latest heavy track, ‘Mobsters’. Serving as the latest preview of K-Trap’s upcoming debut album, SMILE? the duo delivers gritty lyricism to a classic breezy trap beat that is as hard-hitting as the next.

‘These Walls’ by Dua Lipa

At long last, Dua Lipa’s LP, Radical Optimism, has arrived, showcasing her mastery of production and straightforward groove across 11 tracks. Among them, ‘These Walls’ emerges as a standout, a shimmering soft-rock jam that channels the echoes of Fleetwood Mac. With funky electric guitar riffs and haunting melodies, Dua invites listeners into a hypnotic groove, compelling all to sway to its suave.

‘boarded the plane’ by Niko B

A rapper with a propensity for making earworms, Niko B, is racking up more excitement for his forthcoming album on new single, ‘boarded the plane’. Embracing a mellower, laid-back vibe, Niko B enters lo-fi territory with finesse. Interplaying subtle synths and groove-laden guitar melodies, his unmatched wordplay steals the show.

‘run!’ by WILLOW’

Taken from her album, Empathogen, ‘run!’ sees WILLOW channel freneticism at every turn. Harnessing a bustling bassline, the track starts with her whispering vocals, while piercing electric guitar riffs carry the funk-ridden anthem. As the song progresses, it transitions into an atmospheric drift, bringing the journey to a meditative close.

‘Insecure’ by Tom Misch

Talking about personal insecurity, Tom Misch puts his heart on the line in ‘Insecure’. Against a backdrop of tender acoustic guitar plucks, his soulful vocals resonate, riding atop a groovy melody that evolves with spellbinding drum rhythms and a jazz-soaked bass interlude.

‘Starburned and Unkissed’ by Caroline Polachek

Appearing on the soundtrack of Jane Schoenbrun’s new film I Saw the TV Glow, Caroline Polacheck unveils ‘Starburned And Unkissed.’ Reviving warped and crunchy guitars, the track flips between spaced out lunacy and blown-out riffing, all whist crooning over the lo-fi production.

‘Kimbara’ by Barry Can’t Swim

Marking his first track of 2024, the BRIT- nominated Scotsman, Barry Can’t Swim, conjures up a tailormade anthem for summer. Titled ‘Kimbara’ the track samples the legendary bounce of Celia Cruz’s 1974 hit ‘Quimbara’. Paying homage to the salsa recording, the track is drenched in lively horns and infectious vocal samples that whisk you away to the state of summer bliss.

‘Whatsapp (Wassam)’ by Gunna

Sounding quietly menacing, Gunna reflects on how he is better than the competition in his latest track, ‘Whatsapp (Wassam)’. Set to appear on his fourth studio album, the track has a bass-booming, military-inspired trap beat, accomodating Gunna’s seamless wordplay as he throws down lines that nod to his authority in the game.

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