This week on Notion Now, enjoy new tunes from HAIM, Wet Leg, p-rallel, Khalid, Jacob Banks and more.

"Baby" by Charli XCX

Ahead of her appearance as the musical guest on this week’s Saturday Night Live, Charli XCX has dropped a new single, “Baby”, a disco-fuelled tune which she describes succinctly as being “about great sex”.

"Attention" by Omah Lay & Justin Bieber

Nigerian artist Omah Lay and Justin Bieber link up for a smooth new single that parties through an Afrobeats-filled landscape, “Attention”.

"Lost Track" by HAIM

HAIM hit the country club in their off-the-cuff new tune “Lost Track”, accompanied by a music video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who ushered the Haim family (plus parents!) to their screen debut recently in Licorice Pizza.

"Angelica" by Wet Leg

Rising indie stars Wet Leg are just a month away from their debut album, and are already embarking on a tour that’s sold out across the world. They’re keeping the flow up with a new tune, “Angelica”, which brings home the now-trademark sardonic absurdism that defines them.

"Better Now (Feat. MARO)" by ODESZA

ODESZA are back a new uplifting track ready for Spring. Having recently returned after a four year break, "Better Now" also features Portuguese artist MARO.

"Last Call" by Khalid

Khalid takes a moment to reflect in his new single “Last Call”. The Grammy-nominated artist has scaled plenty of dizzying heights, and “Last Call” is a way of pondering how he got there, and setting the intention for where he might head next.

"Just When I Thought" by Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks cranks up the suspense in a story-driven new tune, “Just When I Thought”, marking a new phase of experimental production for him. Banks says, “With everything happening in the world over the last two years or so, I consistently found myself in a space that I felt powerless. Feeling this level of powerlessness was a new feeling, but in a way I found a new type of power in the understanding that what’s for me will always be for me if I stay ready. “Just When I Thought” is a story of two parts – my rebellion to the feeling and my surrender to the feeling."

"Illuminous" by Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu has dropped a new tune, “Illuminous”, that again confirms her status as one of the most exciting rising artists with its vibrant and eclectic soundscape set against her distinctive vocals. Ragu says, “I believe we are all beings of light. It’s a journey that starts before we enter this world and continues while we have this human experience, and then remains after we leave this earth. I also believe that we all have this one true unique gift that could bring us back to our true selves. Once you have found that, the light within you shines so bright that you become invincible. This is how I feel at this stage in my life and with this song I want to encourage others to find that one thing. Apart from all that, it’s also a turn up song, so you know what you gotta do!”

"nowhere to hide" by Kamal.

Co-signed by Billie Eilish, 19-year-old Kamal. cements his place as one of the biggest musical voices of Gen Z with “nowhere to hide”, a poignant reflection on the emptiness of materialism.

"Black & White" by Sad Night Dynamite

Sad Night Dynamite celebrate the uncertainties of life on their new tune “Black & White”, released ahead of their tour with Glass Animals this spring. They describe the song as “a tale of despair and rebirth. It’s loosely based around Archie’s visit to Glastonbury festival when he was 20 years old. "Black & White" is ultimately about someone taking things too far, maybe even to the afterlife.”

"the dealer" by Nilüfer Yanya

Named Hottest Record of the Week by BBC Radio 1, “the dealer” is a bouncy, danceable taste of Nilüfer Yanya’s new album, which is out today. On the track, she says, “When I was writing this song I was thinking about the transient nature of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons. I find it interesting how we attach certain memories and feelings to different seasons and tend to revisit them time and time again, yet our lives move in a more linear motion and even when we feel like we are going back we never really get to go back anywhere. Musically speaking it's a bit more playful and relaxed."

"Home to You" by ABISHA

London artist ABISHA celebrates herself in a new tune that’s as much about the world’s emergence from the pandemic as it is about self-acceptance. On the song, she says, “To me, "Home To You" can be interpreted in so many different ways because everyone has their own personal person, thing or place that feels like home. For me, feeling at home is where I feel safe and comfortable, and can relax at the end of the day and let out all of my emotions, and "Home To You" is about that home being my girlfriend. We wrote it in the Summer when Covid restrictions were still in place and we were being optimistic and hopeful about all of the things we could do when we were finally free!”

"Marathon" by KAWALA

KAWALA finally drop their debut album today, which includes the previously unheard, upbeat tune “Marathon” – a culmination of all their hard work from throughout the pandemic.

"Leon the Professional" by Knucks

Is it related to the 1994 French film of the same name? Unclear. In any case, Knucks’ “Leon the Professional” is another confident hit from the pop culture-literate rapper.

"Try Peace..." by Tiana Major9

Tiana Major9 keeps the momentum up in the smoothly vulnerable new tune “Try Peace...”, pondering the ways out of a sticking point in a relationship.

"Defection" by Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei explores his musical roots in “Defection”, a cut from his new EP ‘Bruises’, which is out today.

"Ride With Me" by Pip Millett

Experimental minimalist Pip Millett continues to burnish her reputation with her effortlessly cool new tune “Ride With Me”, assessing the harsh necessity of friendship breakups with sultry confidence.

"Vibes" by p-rallel (feat. Sam Wise & Venna)

Notion One to Watch p-rallel’s debut EP is coming in just three weeks, and he marks the occasion with a new drop, “Vibes”, a slick club-influenced tune which features Sam Wise and Venna.

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