In Notion Now: Week 17, get down with tracks from easy life, PinkPantheress, Baby Queen, Megan Thee Stallion, SEB, and many more.

"Plan B" by Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion continues her rap reign with personal 'fuck-you' track, "Plan B". The Houston rapper debuted the song during her Coachella performance last weekend.

"BEESWAX" by easy life

Notion 90 cover stars, easy life, have dropped their first post-album track, which switches things up from their usual breezy style. Frontman Murray Chalmers commented: "n a post-lockdown universe it’s easy to feel like we are oversharing and living under a microscope, everything feels so much more invasive and overwhelming after being locked away for so long at home. Social anxiety has been something I’ve always written about but I feel like this is universal feeling now more than ever."

"Where you are (feat. WILLOW)" by PinkPantheress

It's the Gen-Z collab we all knew was coming. Produced by a holy trinity of PinkPantheress, Mura Masa and Skrillex, "Where you are" blends PinkPantheress' saccharine vocals with WILLOW's pop-punk flex.

"Roman Holiday" by Fontaines D.C.

The phrase 'highly-anticipated' gets thrown around a lot in relation to album releases, but in the case of Irish rockers, Fontaines D.C., it's never been truer. The band's fierce third album, 'Skinty Fia' dropped today, and it covers everything from heartbreak to greed, corruption, despondency and isolation.

"Vaderz (feat. Bktherula)" by Rico Nasty

Rico’s first new song of 2022, "Vaderz" was produced by legendary German electronic dance music DJ/producer Boys Noize (Frank Ocean, Skrillex, Snoop Dogg).


Notion's One to Watch for 2022, LA-based artist and producer SEB shares his new single “SAVE ME”, which gives an insight into a troubled past. He shared that it's "about that point you reach after you’ve tried self-destructing... You’re calling out for help but who you’re calling out to, is still enabling you to go down that same path".

"In My Feelings" by MORGAN

An infectious R&B bop, MORGAN said: “I wrote 'In My Feelings' about a toxic relationship I fell into where I fell in love with somebody that I shouldn't have. I think everyone can relate to that feeling - knowing you're getting yourself into a situation that won't end well - you're head is being rational but your heart completely takes over.”

"words" by Piri & Tommy

The Gen-Z playlist drum and bass embrace continues with Piri & Tommy's new track, "words". The new-gen ravers - also a couple - explained: "“words is about an earlier time in our relationship when our communication wasn’t quite as good as it is now (haha) and it’s kind of a commentary on different levels of maturity in relationships, particularly in young people."

"Lounging" by Tora-i

Notion's One to Watch for 2022, Tora-i, drops the atmospheric single, "Lounging". She says it is an "everyday conversation between partners, they’re going back and forth but still there isn’t any movement. A pretty common and unnecessary stage and it’s ultimately about deciding what’s more important ego or the betterment of you both."

"Colours Of You" by Baby Queen

Written for Netlix's upcoming LGBTQ+ teen drama series, 'Heartstopper', Baby Queen said: "I wrote about one of the lead character’s journeys through the discovery and acceptance of his own sexuality. The song means a lot to me and is different to a lot of the music people have heard from me before, so I feel like I get to show a different side to myself as an artist and a writer.”

"by the end of the night" by Josie Man

Josie Man serves up another dose of endlessly endearing pop with new track "by the end of the night", which is all about crying in private and "feeling lonely even when you have people around you, it gets like that sometimes. I’ve felt like that a lot before and crying,infact sobbing (in private) always seemed to help!! But one thing I did learn was to speak about the way I was feeling".

"Dani Song" by Mac Wetha

NiNE-8 member Mac Wetha's dynamic combination of his signature production style and his formative pop punk and emo influences encapsulates the destructive feelings of becoming too engrossed and reliant on a partner. In Mac’s own words; “‘Dani Song’ is about leaning on your partner so hard that you lose your own footing”.

"Everything I Know About Love" by Laufey

Laufey ponders the wonders of love in her new track. She said: "This song is about all the magical things that I was told love was like but I’ve never gotten to experience. I’ve tried many times but fail every time. Turns out, I don’t know anything about love!"

"Every Good Girl" by Blxst

LA hip-hop star Blxst has dropped his 'Before You Go' mixtape, which he has said is "a note to self on my journey, appreciating my past while embracing my future”. New track "Every Good Girl" gives an insight into his romantic life, which he describes as "my version of a ghetto Disney story, finding your perfect match despite your differences".

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